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    startstopmotionYouTube-logo-full_color Way-Based Filters in the Elotest PL500 Variable inspection velocities do not go together well with fixed filter settings. Rohmann’s novel „way-based filters“ do not only track the filters precisely to the part velocity, but even the highpass filters work down to complete standstill, with unparalleled signal quality.
    EMDC1YouTube-logo-full_color Electromechanical distance compensation - EMDC - Technology from Rohmann Difficult inspection tasks can be carried out using Rohmann‘s EMDC-Technology, for example, on: - non-circular test parts - test parts with complex geometries - parts presenting concentricity problems The distance between the sensor and the test part is electromechanically controlled and ensures: - a consistently high level of sensitivity, even if the parts are non-circular and difficult to centre, as well as - almost perfect compensation, even if the changes in distance are very large.

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