Automated testing system, made by STALVOSS

Automated testing is a major focus of STALVOSS. Starting from innovative approaches, the technicians and experts develop clever solutions in the production phase. These systems are manufactured ready to use for the customers.

Some of the most recent systems have been designed for a customer from the rolling bearings industry. Özkan Yildirim, head of the Automated Testing Department and his team have realized these systems – and during a visit we were able to get a picture for ourselves.

The “automated inspection system as an in-line machine for barrel rollers” is almost ready for delivery to the end customer and is currently in the test phase. We had the opportunity to satisfy  ourselves of the well-functioning testing by eddy current and image processing.

“Özkan Yildirim and his team have done a great job”, says CEO Petra Rohmann, “the implementation of our ELOTEST PL600 went perfectly smoothly”.

Özkan Yildirim also gives favourable comments on the eddy current testing instrument. He speaks enthusiastically about the unique signal quality, the smooth implementation and the flexibility of the eddy current testing instrument. The realization of the complex testing task has been easy to handle owing to the customer-focussed support.

We thank Özkan Yildirim for his decision to use one of the Rohmann testing instruments and can highly recommend his automated testing systems.