Inspection of Automatic Gear Boxes

Automatic gear boxes are characterised by a complex geometry due to variations of wall thickness, curved surfaces and specific constructional features in order to minimize the weight. So high requirements are put on the non-destructive test methods used for the inspections, which have to be integrated directly into the production line. Main focus is on the reliable detection of surface defects (initial cracks) and near-surface defects (pores). The integrated robot based system applies sophisticated imaging techniques for the fully automated signal processing. This allows a high efficiency of the inspections to be performed on all high-load sections (cycle time ~ 25 s per test part). Das komplett in die Fertigungslinie integrierte robotergestützte System nutzt bildgebende Verfahren zur vollautomatischen Signalauswertung und ist in der Lage, Zykluszeiten von max. 25 s / Teil zu ermöglichen.