The visit to the ZEPPELIN NDT training center for aviation training in St. Augustin in Germany was scheduled a long time ago. ZEPPELIN qualifies and certifies personnel for materials and quality testing through hands-on instruction and according to product-specific application scenarios, in compliance with standards such as DIN EN 4179 and NAS 410.

We finally made the visit that had been planned for so long and handed over the ELOTEST B340 laboratory device to the training center representative Folkert Hemmen and the instructor Marcus Stoltenberg.

We were given a very warm welcome in the professionally equipped training rooms and we very quickly started discussing eddy current with the instructors. It was the clear highlight of our visit to the training center, when we inspected the Learjet 60 D-CFAJ, at which point we handed over the ELOTEST B340 laboratory device.

The Learjet is the ideal practice site for training participants, where they can apply the knowledge they have acquired regarding NDT on an actual airplane, which is unique among training centers. For years, ZEPPELIN has been using Rohmann ELOTEST M3 with a variety of test probes, reference pieces and rotors with rotary probes in the practical ET training sessions in the aircraft sector.

We wish ZEPPELIN and the team of Folkert Hemmen every success in the future at their site in St. Augustin, with many interested participants from aviation.

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