ROHMANN Device Training Courses (on request)

Training, maintenance and service is the healthcare of our test systems
The knowledge of the performance of a test method, but also the knowledge of its limits is the prerequisite for successful application. This is especially true for eddy current testing. Rohmann GmbH therefore regularly trains users in the fundamentals of eddy current testing technology and in the proper handling of our equipment, systems and facilities.
Internally, our employees are subject to continuous further training and qualification in order to meet the high demands on the quality of our systems. We carry out maintenance and service of customer equipment in our company and at specially qualified agencies. Stationary systems and plants of our customers are serviced on site by our specialists.
The reliability and precision of our customers’ test systems as well as our own devices and test systems are verified by our internal calibration system and confirmed by calibration certificates. Competent partners, trained users and reliable test systems are the best prerequisites for lasting success.
We offer regular training courses for all equipment, both in-house and off-site. Dates for in-house training courses are available on request. On-site training courses can be arranged at any time. For this purpose, please contact us with all relevant information at