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12 Sep 2017
Specialists for special tasks
When a six-cylinder engine is installed at BMW, the materials used for it have most likely been tested with a device from Frankenthal. Rohmann GmbH is one of Germany's leading companies in the field of non-destructive material testing. The company, which is located in the Gewerbepark Nord, is celebrating its 40th anniversary and provides an insight into everyday working life.
Author: Jörg Schmihing Source: Die Rheinpfalz
20 Mar 2017
From Frankenthal to the world
They are one the world's leading manufacturers of Equipment, facilities and systems for non-destructive material testing using eddy current methods: Rohmann GmbH with its headquarters in Frankenthal. This year it is celebrating its 40th anniversary - in June it will be celebrated. Bolts of all sizes and shapes, small balls and pins, tubes, camshafts, entire engine blocks, railway tracks, but also joint prostheses can be seen in several showcases in the foyer of the company headquarters, where all products for which Rohmann GmbH offers testing equipment are on display.
Source: Wirtschaftsmagazin IHK Pfalz
07 Dec 2013
Innovation Award Minister Lemke honours Rohmann
Frankenthaler Rohmann GmbH has received the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award in the "Company" category for an eddy current testing device for detecting material fatigue in railway rails.
Source: Die Rheinpfalz
26 Sep 2013
Mobile rail processing using rotary planer on railway tracks and at switches
However, efficiency in switch processing also results from joint preliminary acceptance of the switches by the customer and contractor. This includes determining the geometric conditions and checking the material-side damage to the switch, determining the processing lengths A, B and C after the beginning and end of the switch, deriving the construction requirements and determining the processing time separately for main and side track. Proof of the HC-free condition of machined rails Similar to the grinding and milling machines and the planer, the D-HOB 2500 is also currently equipped with eddy current testing technology. The test system developed by the companies Rohmann GmbH, Frankenthal and Mevert Maschinenbau GmbH, Lauenhagen with the cooperation of Schweerbau consists of - one sensor carrier per rail, - two test sensors per sensor carrier, - an industrial eddy current tester type Elotest PL500, - a data server PC, - a terminal PC with visualization software and printer. The sensor carriers can be lowered and raised during the machining process. They position themselves automatically, are guided along the running edge and are suitable for soft ground. The inspection is carried out in the tracks 9.2 mm and 17.9 mm from the running edge. The maximum test speed is 20 km/h. The testing devices are calibrated on workdays according to customer specifications.
Author: Dr.-Ing. Dieter Hartleben Source: EI Eisenbahningenieur
15 Jan 2011
Non-destructive testing with eddy current – parts and components of turbochargers
Parts and components of turbochargers are exposed to the highest loads during operation. The turbocharged engines used today are dependent on the operation of high-precision and reliable turbocharging technology at low displacement and high speeds.  A component that is subject to particularly high stress is the so-called compressor wheel (Fig. 1, red frame). One of the most highly stressed zones of these compressor wheels is in the area of the central bore, which connects the wheel with the shaft of the turbocharger (Fig. 2; red frame). After a damage case in which a breakage of the wheel in this critical area led to the failure of the turbocharger, a test procedure using eddy current technology was developed in cooperation with Rohmann GmbH. The publication of the article was made possible by close cooperation with Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Angela Au (Head of Materials Engineering; PRÄWEST) and Mr. Dipl.-Wi. Stephan Reich (Head of Quality Assurance; PRAE-TURBO GmbH & Co.KG)
Author: Alexander Maltry Source: IN-Cert
05 Jan 2011
Fascinating eddy current testing tasks and solutions
The company Rohmann GmbH had invited both working groups to their new headquarters in Frankenthal for the 299th meeting of the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen working group and the 246th meeting of the Frankfurt working group. The 37 participants were warmly welcomed in the company building, which was newly constructed in 2009. In the introductory lecture an innovative leading and worldwide represented company was presented, which was founded in 1977 by Jürgen Rohmann with two employees and is today managed by his daughter Petra Rohmann in second generation. Research, development and production of eddy current testing devices for manual testing up to tailor-made testing systems for serial testing are the tasks of the company.  
Author: Uwe Salecker Source: ZfP Zeitung
16 Feb 2010
Non-destructive material testing with eddy current
Rohmann GmbH in Frankenthal stands for more than three decades of experience in non-destructive materials testing, specialization in eddy current testing technology and as a supplier of trend-setting equipment technology. After moving into an architectual innovative new building in January 2009, the family-owned company has again delivered several fully automated robot testing systems to major international customers in the aviation industry.
Source: Wirtschaftsmagazin IHK Pfalz
17 May 2009
Digital eddy current testing ten times faster
Eddy current methods are not always fast enough for high speed non-destructive testing applications. Digital instrumentation technology from Rohmann, Frankenthal, Germany, is capable of breaking the previous speed limit. As a result, high-resolution testing at the highest speeds is now possible with just one single device.
26 Oct 2008
Rohmann moves in the Gewerbepark Nord
Frankenthal-based Rohmann GmbH, manufacturer of eddy current testing equipment and systems, is about to move: In October 2008, the company, which employs 65 people, plans to move its headquarters from Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse to a new building in the Gewerbepark Nord. Managing partner Jürgen Rohmann estimates the cost of the investment (including the purchase of land) at 8 million euros. The business with eddy current testing technology has developed very positively, especially in recent years. In 2007, the highly profitable family company reported a profit after tax of 1.5 million euros on sales of around 8 million euros; 2008 is expected to be a similar success. Rohmann considers itself one of the leading manufacturers in the industry with its special technology, which is in great demand, particularly in aviation and among car manufacturers for the testing of materials.
Source: Die Rheinpfalz
08 Jul 2008
Rail inspection at speed 200 km/h
Frankenthal-based Rohmann GmbH plans to market a new analysis technology worldwide and has identified a large market for this technology. The company's CEO Jürgen Rohmann announced that the company will initially equip a test train of the Bahn AG with the new so-called scor technology. The company will then market the method worldwide. The durability of tracks is estimated at 30 to 50 years; the demand for reliable testing technology is high. "Non-destructive materials testing" is what Rohmann's equipment makes possible. Eddy current testing technology can be used to examine all electrically conductive and at the same time magnetized materials. For this purpose, the test object is exposed to the effect of an electromagnetic alternating field.
13 Feb 2008
Flight Safety “Made in Frankenthal”, above and below the clouds
"Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless." To ensure that this feeling, poetically formulated by Reinhard Mey, can be enjoyed carefree by passengers all over the world, a Frankenthal-based company has played a major role in the process. Rohmann GmbH manufactures eddy current testing equipment and systems that are used to test the functionality of aircraft parts, as well as other components. Well-known airlines all over the world now adorn the Rohmann customer list. The company is also renowned as a developer. Funded by the German government, Rohmann has been entrusted with the overall responsibility for the project "Non-destructive testing of aircraft parts using SQUID". SQUIDs are the most sensitive magnetic sensors available in the world. Renowned partners in the "SQUID" project are the Jülich Research Centre, the University of Gießen, the Institute of Air and Refrigeration Engineering Dresden, Lufthansa Technik AG and Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus GmbH.  
Source: Die Rheinpfalz
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