EloRail WPG D340 Inspection Trolley for Rails and Switches

Railway rails and switches are highly stressed components by increasing traffic (load cycles), increasing axle loads and increasing speeds, especially on high-speed lines. Therefore, depending on the load profile, the installed rails must be carefully checked. The mobile ROHMANN WPG D340 inspection trolley is made of ultra-light carbon fiber and can be handled by just one person. Several sensors, each equipped with ceramic wear protection underneath, are guided very precisely along the running edge of the rail by a patented magnetic holder. The system integrates a multi-channel eddy current instrument, an industrial PC for inspections in rough environments and a specific software for data recording, analysis and documentaion.

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  • made of Aluminium and carbon fibre components for maximum stability and lowest dead weight (12 kg / 26.45 lbs without laptop)
  • simple and quick assembling without tools
  • one-man handling and operation
  • small packing extensions (specific protective trolley case)
  • very precise guidance along the running edge of the rail by a patented magnetic holder
  • sliding probes with ceramic wear protection offering an optimal probe distance and probe angle
  • probe head shape adapted to the rails curvature
  • can be used on all track networks
  • suitable for all popular rail profiles
  • inspection of straight and curved rail sections including switches
  • way-based data recording (encoder input)
  • multi-channel inspection (up to 4)
  • selectable display (raw data or calculated depth of damages)
  • fast evaluation and presentation of test results
  • export function for further analysis and post-processing of data
  • protection class: IP63 (industrial PC)
  • battery-powered for independent operation (min. 2 x 4 hrs)
  • approved inspection system (DB Netz AG)
  • honoured with the Innovation Award of the federal state Rheinland-Pfalz in 2013

Example video

System Data

  • light-weight chassis with magnetic probe holder
  • up to 4 eddy current probes (absolute)
  • 4-channel eddy current instrument (equivalent to the B300)
  • 2 x Li-ions battery pack
  • industrial PC (laptop)
  • software package EloRail-Scan for data recording, analysis and documentation
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