EloWheel – RPT17 Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

Our new RPT17 Aircraft Wheel Inspection System is developed and manufactured in Germany. The system is the successor of the RPT16 - which is fabricated in the US and still placed on the market - and provides numerous innovations. Aircraft rims are are exposed to high mechanical loads, especially during take-off and landing. Additionally enormous thermal stresses occur while applying the brakes after touching down. Thus rims of both, civil aircrafts as well as military aircrafts, have to be inspected for any damages according to the regular maintenance intervals. Regions of maximum stresses, e.g. the bead seat radius and the bore holes, are of special interest. Using a modern eddy current testing instrument, the surface as well as the volume of the wheel rims is inspected by both, a high frequency and a low frequency probe simultaneously.

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  • stand alone (basic version) with flat turn table
  • version with conveyor rollers on the turntable, for easy integration into an existing conveyor line (with manual feeding of the wheel rims)
  • version with automized conveyor rollers on the turn table, for easy integration
    into an automatic conveyor line (automatic feeding and unloading of the wheels)
  • robust welded steel section frame with four solid screw-in feet (to be used to adapt the system to the height of the existing conveyor belt)
  • removeable side panels
  • sliding differential aircraft wheel probe featuring approx. 10 mm (0.39″) active area
  • area of inspection: all the way up to the end of the bead seat radius
  • reference defect: depth 0.76 mm (0.03″) x length 1.52 mm (0.06″) x width 0.1 mm (0.004″);
    EDM notches, tangentially and axially oriented
  • sliding absolute aircraft wheel probe (combined with the surface probe)
  • area of inspection: up to the beginning of bead seat radius
  • inspection of “break key” section
  • reference defect: approx. 25 % reduction of wall thickness (from the inside)
  • C-Scan-recording (EloWheel scan software)
  • off-line evaluation (ScanAlyzer-package, option)
  • data based file system incl. search functionen
  • inspection protocol (PDF format)  with up to 2 customer logos, generated on-line or off-line
  • height: max. 500 mm (wheel rim halves)
  • diameter: max. 800 mm
  • weight: max. 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • max. speed of rotation: 120 rpm
  • inspection cycle (automatic sequence): approx. 25 s (small rims), max. 1.5 min (large rims, main landing gear)

System Data

  • robust steel section frame (welded construction)
  • turn table with pneumatic wheel centering device
  • precise linear axes
  • combined HF/LF-probe
  • control cabinet with integrated PLC
  • eddy current testing instrument (Elotest IS500-RPT)
  • Windows-PC (WIN 7 / WIN 10) with touch screen and network connection (Ethernet)
  • printer (option)
  • bar code reader (option)
  • ambient temperature: 10 – 40 °C (50 – 104 °F)
  • air humidity: 5 – 80 %
  • required space (excluding control cabinet): ca. 1290 x 1440 mm (W x D)
  • electrical connection: 400 V ~ / 1,5 kVA
  • compressed air: min. 6 bar (87 psi), 1/4”, clean, dry
  • max. duration of inspection cycle: 2 min per rim (incl. transfer)
  • remote maintenance via Internet access
  • safety technology (e.g. laser fence security system)
  • CE-compliant documentation
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