Rotor EC15 Compact

Compact high-performance rotor for contact-free continuous testing of round materials such as wires, bars and tubes in the dimension range 1.5 - 15 mm. Built in a solid and anodized aluminium case, this rotor is used for the detection of longitudinal and transverse defects with longitudinal components from 20 µ defect depth. Due to its compact design, the rotor can be easily integrated into existing testing or transport lines. The average run-through height is 35 mm. The fixed RD or adjustable RDE rotating test probes are available for testing in the entire dimension range from 1.5 - 15 mm. The test track width is defined according to the application by adapted sensors. The contamination-protected (labyrinth sealing), precision-beared rotor with contact-free, maintenance-free test signal transmitters is operated with 3,000 rpm. The rotor is driven by a 24 V motor.