A new dimension in eddy current testing that leaves nothing to be desired. The device is the innovative, fully digital eddy current platform for a wide range of applications with unique performance and reliability.

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Trendsetting eddy current testing

For specific requirements, a “remote” version, the ELOTEST PL650 R, is available, equipped with identical hardware configurations as the ELOTEST PL650 – but without a user interface.
The ELOTEST PL650 R offers all functionalities without restrictions and is controlled remotely via a touchscreen or a PC client. One application example is the ELOTEST HST 3 test trolley. It is used for the detection of partial hardening on heavy plates and is suitable for
manual testing of large-area semi-finished products using the EDDY+ test method. The test signals of the integrated ELOTEST PL650 R eddy current tester are displayed directly on the fully robust mobile PC (Panasonic Toughbook) included in the scope of delivery as a C-scan.
Or integrated into the flexible robot-controlled ELOSCAN testing system. The automated eddy current testing system is primarily designed for testing rotationally symmetrical engine parts. Thanks to its universal design, the system can also be used to test other complex component geometries. The precise sensor guidance enables testing along the surface in hard-to-reach places using application-specific sensor mounts.