ROHMANN instrument training

ROHMANN trains users in the basics of eddy current testing technology and in the proper handling of devices, systems and systems from our own company.

Training, maintenance and servicing are the healthcare components of our testing systems

Knowledge of the capabilities of a testing method, but also knowledge of its limits, are requirements for successful application. This is particularly important for the field of eddy current testing. Apart from having accurate and reliable testing systems, trained and competent – and thus properly qualified – users are the best prerequisite for lasting testing success. That is why ROHMANN trains its sales partners and customers in the basics of eddy current testing technology and in the proper handling of the instruments, systems and equipment we have developed and produced. For this, ROHMANN initiated the “Certified Distribution Partner” program, which, after successful completion, guarantees consistently high quality in the training of users and in the use of eddy current testing instruments and systems. To satisfy the high expectations on the quality of our systems, our employees who provide the training undergo ongoing further training and qualification themselves. At ROHMANN the maintenance and servicing of customer instruments is performed directly at and by sales partners who are specifically qualified for this. Stationary systems and equipment of our customers is looked after by our ROHMANN specialists directly at their business premises. Moreover, we verify the reliability and precision of both our customers’ as well as our own testing systems in our internal calibration system, and acknowledge it with corresponding calibration certificates. For all our eddy current instruments and systems we regularly offer training sessions, both in and out of house. Dates for in-house training sessions are announced in advance at our website. Inquiries about this are welcome at any time by phone at 06233- 3789-0 or by email at We will be glad to hold training sessions on location by request. Please use the given methods to contact us about this and supply us with all the relevant information.