Universal testing technology with strong features. Switchable HD rotor filter for “ROTOTEST” applications

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Handy 2-frequency eddy current tester
with large 5.7″ display

Whenever a particularly high resolution is required on the screen, when difficult tasks have to be performed or when both hands are needed and therefore the instrument has to be put down, or when several inspectors want to follow the display at the same time, the ELOTEST M3 is unbeatable. The ELOTEST M3 is mainly used for manual testing of surfaces, bores and hidden structures as well as for measuring conductivities and coating thicknesses.

  • Testing for hidden cracks in aluminum rivet structures
  • Sorting test with coil on screws for different tensile strengths
  • Bore inspection with minirotor on aluminum structures
  • Manual surface crack detection with adapted contour sensor
  • Test set for harsh environmental conditions with crack indication directly at the sensor via LED
  • Conductivity measurement in IACS or MS/m from 1 % to 110 % IACS