Two hardware testing channels in the ELOTEST PL650 R and two external multiplexers to connected 4 probes each, eight probes, each with 8 integrated sensors, robust and wear-resistant zirconium oxide industrial ceramic soles on the probe.

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The ELOTEST HST 3 testing trolley is used for the detection of partial hardening spots on heavy plates. The ELOTEST HST 3 is designed for manual testing of large-areas on semi-finished products using the EDDY+ method. The test signals of the integrated ELOTEST PL650 R eddy current tester are directly displayed as a C-Scan on the fully robust mobile PC (Panasonic Toughbook) included in the scope of delivery. The recorded data can be immediately evaluated and documented here. This makes the ELOTEST HST-3 mobile inspection system predestined for use in harsh steel mill environments. Two powerful and exchangeable lithium-ion rechargeable batteries make the test system suitable for up to 20 hours of use independent of mains power.