Approved test equipment of DB Netz AG

  • Carbon trolley – Ultralight
  • Minimum weight – Maximum manageability
  • True one-man operation
  • Suitable for switches
  • Can be used with gauges from 1400 to 1700 mm

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Testing solutions rail sector


We bring the eddy current to the track

Railroad rails are highly stressed components – their load is increasing due to increasing traffic (load changes), increasing axle loads and increasing speeds, especially in the area of high-speed lines. Therefore, depending on the load profile, laid rails must be subjected to careful inspection.
The task of a modern eddy current tester is therefore to search for, find and evaluate damage such as head checks, squats and other cracks, even in weld seams.
The Elorail WPG D340 trolley from Rohmann is built from ultra-light CFRP and is simple and easy to operate by just one person.
The assembly and disassembly is possible in a short time without tools. The trolley is versatile and can be equipped with the appropriate eddy current devices depending on the test task and scope. The trolley is guided by a new type of patented magnetic holder. This allows extremely smooth and precise testing of the entire rail head.
The trolley is guided exclusively by magnetic forces (adjustable) on the running edge, making it suitable for soft ground. The sensors have ceramic wear protection and can be guided both contactless and sliding.