A new dimension in eddy current testing that leaves nothing to be desired. The device is the innovative, fully digital eddy current platform for a wide range of applications with unique performance and reliability.

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Trendsetting eddy current testing

Depending on the application, the ELOTEST PL650 is available in different housing designs. Areas of application include precise material sorting as well as crack and grinding burn testing.
A flexible software and licensing system allows the adaptation as well as the later extension of the performance to the respective testing task.
The ELOTEST PL650 can be optimally integrated into automated test systems and into existing test lines, through various housing and operating concepts such as remote connection by means of client software and PC.

For specific needs, a “remote” version of the ELOTEST PL650 is available, equipped with an identical hardware configuration – but without a user interface.
The ELOTEST PL650 R offers all functionalities without limitations, and is remotely controlled via a touch screen or PC client.
In the minimum version, the ELOTEST PL650 R is equipped with a CHM-650 eddy current test module.
ELOTEST \ PL650 R – maximum 16 channels
ELOTEST \ PL650 RC – maximum 4 channels