ELO \ SCAN Compact – Turbine testing system

Like the ELO\SCAN, the ELO\SCAN Compact is also a robot-based eddy current inspection system.


This ELO\SCAN Compact, integrated into a turbine testing system, is a customized solution for our customer. The special feature of this system is that the robot not only guides the probe during component testing, but also handles the test parts. This means that the test parts are inspected automatically one by one by the robot using a gripper to pick up a turbine wheel from one of the two drawers, insert it into a clamping device, replace the gripper with a probe tool and use it to inspect the component. As different probes are required due to the geometry of the components, an automatic probe tool change also takes place. Once a turbine wheel has been tested, it is printed according to the test result and the result is displayed and logged in the visualization.

To load the drawers, the operator records each component by scanning the part-specific QR code and then places it in a free space in the drawer where no part is currently removed for the current inspection. This procedure enables the parts to be checked continuously without the process having to be interrupted for reassembly. Since the QR code is also used for type assignment, turbine wheels of different geometries can be mixed in one drawer. Accordingly, there are five fixed positions in the system where reference parts of different geometries can be placed. The central software is an extended version of the Scan\Alyzer for test part management. The integrated ELO\IMAGE software module for image evaluation allows interference areas in the C-scan, such as those caused by deviations in the geometry, to be suppressed.